Whilst we have some of the finest examples of vintage/antique experts in the country at our disposal, unfortunately we don't have an expert (or a selling outlet) for everything. 

Items Vintage Cash Cow don't accept:

  • Breakable items such as fine china, pottery, glass, vases - these items rarely survive the postal system and aren't insured, so we ask you don't send them. 
  • Modern technology items such as digital cameras, CDs, DVDs, games consoles, mobile phones.
  • Furniture - we don't have an expert in this field or a way of posting large furniture items.
  • Restricted or illegal items such as weapons, stolen goods and counterfeit goods.
  • Other items such as: porcelain dolls, vintage clothing, furs, comics, paintings, stamps, taxidermy, books, annuals, sheet music and barometers. 

To see what items we do accept, visit the Items we Buy section of our website or contact us. 

If you send us a box of items that we do not accept, they will be returned to you in the condition they were received in and no offer will be made.