We don't have specific minimum numbers of items as it very much depends on what you have to send to us. We do, however, have guidance based on the category of item/s you are thinking of sending. 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that every customer will receive an offer, specifically when lower value, low quantity or non-accepted items are sent to us. In this case, we will return items free of charge. We don't ever want a customer to feel like they have wasted their time packaging and posting items to us. This is why we recommend speaking to our lovely customer service team over the telephone (0800 246 1111) or email (hello@vintagecashcow.co.uk) to make sure we are the best service for you. If we aren't, we are well prepared with the details of other outlets who might be able to take the items instead. 

Please follow our guidance below to ensure we can make you an offer for your items: 

For costume jewellery, we ask for a minimum of 5kg. This is about a shoebox full. 

For coins, we also ask for a minimum of 5kg where the coins are more generic. There is an exception for Sovereigns and Krugerrand as well as some boxed sets so please contact us if you have these. 

With low-value metals, such as silver plate, brass, copper, and pewter, generally, we advise to send a minimum of 15kg if you are sending these alone. Of course there are items made from these materials that are rare and collectable, so let us know if you have something special and we can advise you more specifically. 

With all other categories, we advise for you to look at sending a minimum of three categories of items. So this could be jewellery, watches, and cameras for example.  

Ultimately, you can get the best out of our service when you find a large box (of up to 1mx1mx1m) and fill it with different pieces.

The above is our general guidance from our many years of receiving these kinds of items. However, if you feel you have a particularly rare or valuable piece please send us a picture over email (hello@vintagecashcow.co.uk) and we can give you more specific guidance based on what you have.  We always love to have a look at your items!