We've intentionally designed Vintage Cash Cow to be the free and easy way to sell your old stuff, meaning it never costs you anything to send your box of items. 

Who pays for postage?

We pay for postage on your box, you don't pay for anything. However, as we're covering the postage to receive your box (approx. £13.50 per box!) we ask that you include a wide range of items and/or items of value to ensure we can make you a cash offer that is worth your while. This is also why we ask you to fill up a big box instead of sending 2. 

Are there any other fees?

Even once we appraise your items, the service remains free.

If you accept our cash offer we take no commission from the value we offer you. And if you'd prefer to have your items back, we'll send it back - for free.

Vintage Cash Cow is the risk-free way to sell your old things.