We're all about turning a wide range of old and vintage items into immediate cash for you. So long as we have an expert in-house to appraise your vintage piece, we'll buy it. 

Items people typically sell to Vintage Cash Cow:

  • Jewellery and Costume Jewellery (e.g. gold, silver, charms, cameos, rings, brooches etc)
  • Silver and silver plate (e.g. tea sets, trays, cutlery, candlesticks, jewellery, mirrors and more)
  • Old coins and currency (e.g. pre-1920 and pre-1947 British coinage, gold coins, pre-decimal coins, international banknotes)
  • Gold (e.g. rings, chains, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, tie pins, timepieces, coins, cigarette cases) 
  • Watches and Pocket Watches (e.g. top wound and key wound pocket watches, ladies' cocktail watches, men's dress watches, military watches, etc)
  • Medals and Militaria (e.g. war medals, military badges, regimental attire, ceremonial items, swords, uniforms, binoculars)
  • Vintage Toys (e.g. wind-up and mechanical pre-war toys, old teddy bears, train sets, dolls with hinged joints, etc)
  • Writing instruments (e.g. old-fashioned fountain pens, Mont Blanc and Cartier pens, propelling pencils and Yard-o-led)
  • Cameras (e.g. pre-digital cameras and equipment, 35mm cameras and lenses, pinhole cameras, polaroid cameras, old tripods, filters and film)
  • Smoking paraphernalia (e.g. cigarette cases, cigar cutters, WW1 trench lighters, Dunhill or DuPont, vintage lighters - gold, silver and plated always desirable)

This list of what we buy is by no means exhaustive, so if you think you might have something for us please contact us to discuss your items.

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